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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to miss a class?

Excluding the first day of class, a minimum of 7 days are required to reschedule a planned absence. Less than a 7 day notice, make up classes are available during studio time and studio fees apply. No refunds for no shows. For cancellations more than 10 business days before class date, students can be refunded payment amount minus 10% processing fee OR receive full payment amount toward another class. For cancellations 10 to 5 business days before class date, students can receive payment amount as credit towards another class. No refunds or credit available for cancellations less than 5 business days before class.

Do you offer casting services?

Short answer: if you have ever taken a class from me, then yes I can provide your casting services.​

 If you need me to sprue your piece, it’s going to be $10 or more depending on the level of difficulty.

Casting will be the metal cost plus $25 per flask, plus $3 per pound of investment, and I do not remove the sprue or finish or polish.

The cost of metal is daily market price. I do not take a cut of the cost of metal, I charge what it costs me to purchase the metal.

Can I get my casting done anywhere else?

I am the one of the only schools that offers casting within the tri-state area. 

What class should I take first?

Most students find that the introduction to jewelry casting is a good starting point because they get to learn the studio and learn the basic principles of working with metals. It allows for students to start with wax, which some find is a lower barrier to entry. 

Some designs, anything like chain-making, fabrication, and soldering may require that students take a metalsmithing class, which includes soldering. If you have no desire to make anything that needs to be cast, then starting with metalsmithing is totally fine.

Interested in stone setting?

If you want to cast and place stone setting, that is offered in the advanced class. If you’re interesting in that, you need to start with the introduction class at least once, and then move on to the advance class.

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